Gold-Based Overglaze Colors for Ceramics & Glass

Overglaze ColorCode
Carmine (Glass)ST-418
Purple (Glass)ST-606
Lenox RoseST-419
Reddish VioletST-607


Covercoat for Decals723
Decal Medium724
Water-Based Painting Medium732
Thinner for 7231158
Thinner for 7241135

Overglaze Information


  • Contain Lead
  • Supplied in Powder From
  • Ground to 200 mesh or finer
  • Clear covercoat is available for decal printing

These colors can be applied by brush, spray or silk screen. Mix by grinding color and medium together on a glass slab using pallet knife.

  • Use our medium #724 for decals. Mix 2.5 parts color to one part medium.
  • For spray application, mix color with a solution of 75% water and 25% alcohol.
  • If mixed colors thicken after standing, they may be thinned with turpentine.
  • Fire slowly, leaving kiln door slightly ajar until 800°F is reached. This will allow the media to burn off.
  • Fire between 1100°F for glass and 1200°F for ceramics.

The colors may be ordered in paste form. Minimum order is 2 lbs. Per color. Please specify direct screen or decal ink when ordering and allow one week for production.