These glazes are a series of related, clean clear colors which fit our #103, #104, #105 and #417 clays as well as most other low fire bodies. They may be altered by adding 8% to 10% Superpax for an opaque look. Apply by dipping, pouring, spraying or brushing. All glazes are in dry form. To liquify the NL colors, mix approximately 1 pint of water with 1 pound of dry glaze. For the NLM colors, mix approximately 12 oz. water with 1 pound of glaze. Adjust according to application method used. Safe for functional ceramics.






nl6 nl6
nl10 nl10
nl13 nl13
nl15 nl15
nl19 nl19
nl20 nl20
nl23 nl23
nl27 nl27
nl31 nl31
nl35 nl35
nl36 nl36
nl37 nl37
nl55 nl55
nl56 nl56
nl57 nl57
nl79 nl79




Glaze # Color
NL 3 Canary Yellow
NL 6 Shell Pink
NL 10 Maroon
NL 13 Cinnamon
NL 15 Dark Brown
NL 19 Eggplant
NL 20 Midnight Blue
NL 23 Twilight Blue
NL 27 Apple Green
NL 31 Opaque White
NL 35 Jet Black
NL 36 Transparent
NL 37 Hunter Green
NL 55 Red Orange
NL 56 Dark Red
NL 57 Bright Orange
NL 79 Ultra Clear
#1076 Transparent