These stains are added to glaze at 1% to 10% approximately. If the stain is stirred into the glaze, a speckled effect results. If glaze is screened several times through an 80 mesh sieve, a more uniform color is obtained. Opaque glazes produce pastel shades. Transparent glazes give bright colors.





K85 K85
K92 K92
K26 K26
K44 K44
K60 K60
K83 K83
K46 K46
K73 K73
K71 K71
K31 K31
K63A K63A
K38 K38
K53 K53
K82 K82
K54 K54
K24 K24
K42 K42
K56 K56
K20 K20
416 416
467 467
487 487
496 496
616 616




K-20Yellow Base (Sn-V)
K-24Maroon (Cr-Sn)
K-26Light Blue (Co-Zn-Al)
K-31Dark Pink (Cr-Sn)
K-38Cobalt Blue (Co-Si)
K-42Orchid (Co-Al-Cr-Sn)
K-44Royal Purple (Co-Al-Cr-Sn)
K-46Reddish Violet (Cr-Sn)
K-53Yellow Brown (Fe-Cr-Zn-Al)
K-54Red Brown (Fe-Cr-Zn)
K-56Dark Brown (Fe-Cr-Zn-Co)
K-60Jet Black (Co-Cr-Fe)
K-63AChartreuse (Zr-V-Si)
K-71Dove Gray (Co-Cr-Fe-Mn-Zr)
K-73Dark Green (Cr-Al-Si)
K-80Light Pink (Cr-Al)
K-82Royal Turquoise (Zr-V)
K-83Bright Yellow (Zr-Pr)
K-85Bright Green (Cr-Si)
K-92Hunter Green
416Bright Harvest Yellow
467Velvet Red
487Bright Red
496Christmas Red
616Pumpkin Orange