Jack Troy’s Almost-Annual Pottery Sale
in Huntingdon, PA is on for this year.  
Mark your calendars for
Saturday, October 28
Noon – 3 p.m.



The 2017 Potters Tour is coming up soon.  Many of the studio owners and guest potters start preparing for the tour many months before the event.  Some sign up to do tasks specifically related to making the tour happen; others get busy making pots to put on display; some scratch their heads wondering what they should be doing.  Some of us do all of the above.  Find us on FaceBook to follow the preparations.


Directions from State College to Jack Troy’s 34th Pottery Sale

Come south on Route 26, passing through MacAlevy’s Fort, Ennisville, and Donation.

About 1 mile past the Donation cemetery, on the right, turn right on Cold Springs Road.

Go 4 miles and look for Shively Road on the left.

Turn onto Shively Road, pass several houses, continue through woods on left and right. 

Parked cars will indicate sale site.

Sale starts promptly at noon.

Phone: 814-643-3554 or, day of sale, 814-386-3860.




Thank you for your interest