In January of 2009, we were no
longer able to obtain New York State talc and we had to change over to a new
talc from Texas.

What this
meant for you, the potter:


We formulated three new bodies to replace our original 105. 

You must test new clay bodies. 


#105 is a talc body containing a talc from Texas.
You will find it very similar to the old 105 in workability.  It is
noticably darker in moist form and a bit whiter
when fired. It is available with and without grog.  While the 105 works well with most
commercial underglazes and glazes, w
have found that it is not compatable with some commercial underglazes and
glazes and should be tested before using in large production.

This clay body can be
basic classroom work.

#100 Artist White
is a Texas talc body
that contains some china clay and feldspar
to help with glaze and underglaze fit.

Our 100 clay is a better choice for artists
and studio potters who are using a lot of commercial underglazes in
their work.  It is available with or without grog. It can be used
on the wheel or for handbuilding.

#105NT is a low-fire white body with no talc. It is very
plastic and available with and without grog. It throws nicely and is good
for smaller hand-built pieces..
This body was developed to conform with certain regulations set by the state
of Connecticut.   Some commercial glazes and underglazes do not
fit this body.  We highly recommend testing for glaze and underglaze fit.

See “Tips & Suggestions for 105NT &

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